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                                        A GATED COMMUNITY
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You've just found the Best Value in Columbia to rent or own!  Briargate Condominiums offer a safe and secure community for their residents in a location more convenient than any other. Whether you are looking for a place to live or invest, Briargate is not only a good value, it makes sense!
     Phone:  803.957.7684   Fax: 866.380.1743
 825 Menlo Drive, Columbia S.C. 29210 

                                    THIS IS NOT THE WEBSITE FOR BRIARGATE HOA MANAGEMENT!!
            This site is owned by Miriam Properties Group LLC and managed by InSight Property Management.
        Briargate Condominiums are individually owned and managed.  We believe InSight Property Management 
                is a great alternative to the on-site management but you must call or e-mail for an appointment.
         Whether your new home is at Briargate or somewhere else in town, it's great to!

Briargate Condos For Sale

                                              Sq.  Ft.
            1 Bedroom 1 Bath      672      From $18,500

            2 Bedroom 1 Bath      912      From $23,000

            3 Bedroom 2 Bath     1300     From $45,900

           *Credit Reports & Background Checks Required On All Applicants
Great Real Estate Investment Opportunity!!!!!
Cheap Place to Live!!!!
Please contact us for any additional information you may need. 

We are available Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm and happy to assist you with your condominium sale or rental.

Phone: 803.957.7684



Own your own condo "free and clear" in 5 years for little more than the cost of renting!!! Check out these examples:

Sale Price (2BR):  $23,000.00                (1BR):            $18,500.00
   Down Payment:  - $5500.00                  Down Pay:       -$4500.00
   Closing Costs:    + $1500.00                    Closing Cost: +1500.00
Amount Financed: $19,000.00            Amt Fin'd:        $15,500.00

Monthly Payment for 120 months
Principal +
  Interest:              $395                                $322
Regime Fee:        $320                                $296  (present day)
Taxes&Ins  :         $  40                                $  39
           Total:        $755*                               $657* 
* Assumes an interest rate of 9% and no changes in regime fees or property taxes.  After 5 years (60 months), your payment will decrease by amount of principal and interest to only include regime fees and taxes.  The interest rate may vary based on credit score.
These ESTIMATES are based on regime fee and taxes charged in 2015.  Their future values are subject to change.